Looking for SEO for your contracting business?

If you’re considering to grow your general contracting business give us a call or contact us and we’ll show you all of your options. For many years we have been able to produce fantastic results for general contractors like handyman Spring Hill FL. You can be sure your experience with us will be no different.


We have experience in many industries, but I will admit this one is my personal favorite. The contractors we work with are always amazing clients. Glad to grow their business to all new heights. We sure help them get there also.


If you want your business to grow more rapidly than you’ve ever experienced give us a shout and we’ll set you up for the future!

Our success in the water damage restoration industry can’t be beaten!


We have been able to dominate water damage Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Memphis, and Chatanooga. Because of our complete dedication to our work and the help of many clients we have been able to own a large part of the online water damage restoration business. With strategic social media and SEO marketing technques we are sure we can take your water damage business through the roof as well.

Don’t do water damage restoration?

Not to worry! We have had countless hours of experience in many industries outside of the water damage restoration business. Whether you’re a roofer, handyman, or own an commence business then SEO and Social Media Marketing is in your future. Now is the time to start planning.

What businesses should use caution when investing

When it comes to investing in your business you should never take making the decision lightley. Think about all aspects and do your research to figure out if its right for you and your business or not. If this is the right time.

Once you’ve done that there are still going to be many factors that you have never even considered. One thing that hardly anyone expects is that window tinting companies have a harder time receiving postcards than other companies. Things like that are random and can’t count for.

Honestly, the best way to make an investment like this for your business is the do your research on the company that is going to be doing the SEO or social media marketing campaign.

Google and the war against garage door spam!

Google is always is a battle against spammers attempting to take advantage of their system for their own gain. Understandable and it seems these spammers like to target specific industries. Garage door repair has had a huge hit over the years from google.


This causes problems for real garage door repair companies. Making it more difficult to:

  • Rank their website
  • Accepted into the Google Local Listing
  • Rank their videos and other marketing materials

If you’re in this industry then no need to give in. Google works very hard to make sure every real business is verified and hiring a professional webmaster like Power Consultants will ensure you get exactly what you bargain for.


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What will you use SEO or Social media marketing to do?

Choose the purpose.

People use search engines and social media for many different parts of their lives. Depending on what your business does will determine which one is the best approach for you. If you’re a local business then I’d recommend going with SEO.
Whenever someone is need of garage door repair services for example. They may be in a huge rush considering they need to get their car out of the garage. For the business that handles that type of customer, I’d highly recommend going after search engines. Whenever someone needs results now they aren’t checking facebook.

How to decided which social media expert to use?

Coming from someone with years of experience in using social media as well as promoting and marking with Instagram, facebook, twitter, and many other social media platforms. It is very important to know what type of social media services you will be getting. Gray hat social media marketing is not quite the same as gray hat SEO.

Facebook has to ability to change their algorithms often and make it difficult to rank with a gray hat strategy. Nearly all of them only last months at most and then you have to change up your entire strategy. Remember these key factors whenever hiring a facebook or social media manager.

  • Always rely on real actual likes, subscriptions, and organic views.
  • Shout-outs from relevant accounts with big follower bases is a must.
  • Stay away from paid views, subscribers, followers, likes, etc.
It’s very important to stay up to date on what social media platform is working so well today. When it comes to social media it seems like things are always changing. A new form will come out from time to time that will stay. How can we be so sure? Well, the truth is we can’t.
Many different industries can fall and just because that possibility is there doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest. Think about other industries can that can have this happen to them. How about a very well known important source to fail is banks.

How to truly choose an expert.

Look at who you have to choose from for your new SEO or social media expert and determine if you would like to work with them. If so then look and see if they have the background to support their work. They had to learn the skill from somewhere where did it start?

I mean anyone can manage a social media account for local businesses according to Tai Lopez. Now I can believe that coming from a salesman but from another expert, we know the truth. Being able to influence people through social media is a skill none the less. Most people don’t realize this and try to gain the system.

It’s been proven time and time again that it won’t work and that people need to focus on the long run and gain the attention they want for their business organically. Hey if you enjoyed the information I’ve given you then feel free to contact me.

Which is right for you? SEO or Social Media?

Which is right for you business?

If I was a small business owner looking to make their first move into the internet marketing area this is a big decision for you. If you’re looking to get the job done right then you have to know your market. Know how people find the business in your industry. Know how well known your product or service is.


Everyone knows about roofers, electricians, HAVC, and other needed industries. These type of businesses are needed every so often by nearly everyone. Whenever your services are needed however people tend to either go with what’s right in front of them and convenient or search and find the best deal.


What if your type of work isn’t as well know? What if what you do is brand new to your area. Well not to worry because you could be the excellent source of video marketing with Facebook. Giving you a chance to introduce yourself and your business.

What do you know so far?

Ask yourself how much you know about SEO. What is SEO to you? If you truly aren’t sure then maybe you shouldn’t invest just yet. I will walk you through the process and show you everything SEO has to offer you and your business.

Search engine optimization will show your business to more and more people. As our society continues to embrace technology so does grow everything wrapped around it. With the leaders of these new industries being extremely reliable there’s no better opportunity in history.

To take your business to the next level here in 2017 SEO is the place to start. Whether you’re introducing a new product or attempting to be number one in your market SEO can do that for you. Just be ready to push and accomplish more sales than ever before!

Social media marketing is the way to grow your business!

You’ve found the best way to grow your business!

How much time a day do you spend using facebook? A recent study says that people spend over 50 minutes on facebook alone every day (businessinsider.com). That is a lot of time, but is it well spent?

What do you usually get accomplished while using social media? I normally find myself being distracted my some nonsense. Celeb gossip, politics, advertising, viral videos, etc. Now social media has a lot of good use we could use for your business to produce more results. Is it the right route?

Facebook and Google are both the leaders in their industry and they are the market we are looking to go after. To determine whether or not either is right for your business. A great way to get started into that discussion is to ask a very simple question. How do my customers find me?

Right now I’m sure they are finding you by either:

  • Word of mouth
  • Social media
  • Google
  • Another search engine
  • Print advertising
  • Vehicle advertising
  • Return business
Now we all know these are great but what we’re focusing on here at Veritoria are SEO and social media. Now, whenever a customer needs something where do they go for it? They normally want to search for it and find different deals and discounts they can get in other areas or by other businesses. The search will also give the most reliable results.
What if you’re introducing a new idea into a marketplace? Who is your potential audience? What groups are they part of? Who do they support? Many prospecting businesses attempt to use SEO or PPC advertising to whenever their prospects don’t even know. This video does a great job going in-depth on SEO uses.