Social media marketing is the way to grow your business!

You’ve found the best way to grow your business!

How much time a day do you spend using facebook? A recent study says that people spend over 50 minutes on facebook alone every day ( That is a lot of time, but is it well spent?

What do you usually get accomplished while using social media? I normally find myself being distracted my some nonsense. Celeb gossip, politics, advertising, viral videos, etc. Now social media has a lot of good use we could use for your business to produce more results. Is it the right route?

Facebook and Google are both the leaders in their industry and they are the market we are looking to go after. To determine whether or not either is right for your business. A great way to get started into that discussion is to ask a very simple question. How do my customers find me?

Right now I’m sure they are finding you by either:

  • Word of mouth
  • Social media
  • Google
  • Another search engine
  • Print advertising
  • Vehicle advertising
  • Return business
Now we all know these are great but what we’re focusing on here at Veritoria are SEO and social media. Now, whenever a customer needs something where do they go for it? They normally want to search for it and find different deals and discounts they can get in other areas or by other businesses. The search will also give the most reliable results.
What if you’re introducing a new idea into a marketplace? Who is your potential audience? What groups are they part of? Who do they support? Many prospecting businesses attempt to use SEO or PPC advertising to whenever their prospects don’t even know. This video does a great job going in-depth on SEO uses.